Life and Limb Devlog 12/18/2019

The next build is up:

It contains the following features:

  • The start of a HUD with a life heart meter.
  • A “quest” system – Rewards  or progress based on enemy kills, objects gathered, etc. For example, one may not progress out of the skeleton room without destroying them all first. The door will then open.
  • Breakable pots that may or may not spawn a reward (currently set to health hearts).

Next up:

  • More enemies
  • Ranged weapons for player and enemies



Life and Limb Devlog 12/15/2019

Another DEV build of the test level! Here:

I have re-written a great deal of the dialogue and combat engines. The Dialogue cutscenes may now be skipped using ESCAPE. The combat system now uses sphere-casting instead of trigger collider detection that was causing issues with other systems. I inserted my newly rigged skeleton model (done in Blender) for testing combat. The waypoint system has been improved to include “AreaSave” components that save the state of all objects in an area and restore all states of objects ahead of the waypoint once the player dies. Also created a number of shared C# components to save later coding. Next on the list:

  • HUD
  • Projectile weapons (creatures and player)
  • Inventory system
  • Quest system
  • Collectibles/scoring


Life and Limb Devlog 12/8/2019

The latest DEV build of Life and Limb is here:

This contains new features:

  • A weapon pickup (machete)
  • A new enemy and enemy AI (This enemy will rotate towards the player and follow them when the player is in range)

Use W, S, A, D to move, mouse to look around, and left mouse button to swing the machete.

Coming next are new models, some bug cleanup, as well as a HUD to keep track of things like health, lives, and score.



Life and Limb: Devlog 12/05/2109

A new test build of Life and Limb is up on the site:

W, A, S, D to move, SPACE to jump, move mouse to look around

This iteration contains:

  • A health system. When the player’s health runs out, he dies (the player starts with 3 health points).
  • A “ragdoll” physics rigged character model for the player during death scenes.
  • A particle system to show a splash of blood when the player is hit by a trap or attack.
  • Two different traps, a times spike trap and a pit trap.
  • A waypoint system. When the player dies, they will respawn at the last waypoint reached (waypoints are invisible).

Next up:

  • A basic enemy/chase AI
  • A basic HUD (heads up display)




Life and Limb: Devlog

I’ve decided to start a development log here for my Life and Limb game. I’m looking forward to seeing how this grows over the winter.

Life and Limb is a simple 3D top-down exploration game. You control Dr. Tim Burke on his quest to find ancient artifacts in tombs around the world to add to his private museum. The tombs and temples he visits are loaded with a variety of traps, creatures, and perhaps a curse or two!

The graphics are low poly models created by me in blender. I’m planning on using both motion capture and manual animation in Blender for the characters and objects. The engine is Unity 3D. The target platform is web for casual gamers. I’ve already put up a very small demo of the game engine as it stands which is available here: Life and Limb Demo. I will be putting all other builds here until I release the final build. I don’t intend to charge for this project. All art and assets are mine unless otherwise specified.

*Note: The controls are W, S, A, D keys to move, space bar to jump, and mouse to move the camera.

Completed so far:

  • Basic demo level with first models
  • Movement engine (Modified Character Movement Fundamentals sold on the Unity Asset store, developers check it out!)
  • Dialogue/cutscene module with subtitles

Here is the logo/splash:


On the TODO:

  • Skip cutscenes with ESC key
  • Typewriter effect for the dialogue
  • Turn to face object during cutscene
  • “Use” animation?
  • “Talk” animation?

Coming next:

  • Health System
  • Traps
  • Waypoints
  • Enemies and AI
  • Weapons and Combat
  • Collectables and Scoring
  • HUD
  • Titles and Menus
  • Level Design/Quests
  • Bosses

I hope you enjoy following this devlog. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Angel’s Terrace: Added New Alphabets

I’ve added several new magickal alphabets to the site, including:

Alphabet of the Magi
Angelic Script
Persian Cuneiform

For some reason Angelic font won’t show up on mobile (at least not Mobile Chrome), so look at it on a desktop for now. I may switch the pages to images instead of embedded fonts. There is also a font available for download for each on the pages. Have fun!

Angel’s Terrace Reopened

I am pleased to announce that I have reopened  Angel’s Terrace Metaphysical Resources website. The work on several new sections has already begun as well as updating of old features. I hope to add to this on a regular basis, and I welcome any comments or suggestions for content. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and it is heavily under construction. I’ll post here when new content is up.