Life and Limb: Devlog 12/05/2109

A new test build of Life and Limb is up on the site:

W, A, S, D to move, SPACE to jump, move mouse to look around

This iteration contains:

  • A health system. When the player’s health runs out, he dies (the player starts with 3 health points).
  • A “ragdoll” physics rigged character model for the player during death scenes.
  • A particle system to show a splash of blood when the player is hit by a trap or attack.
  • Two different traps, a times spike trap and a pit trap.
  • A waypoint system. When the player dies, they will respawn at the last waypoint reached (waypoints are invisible).

Next up:

  • A basic enemy/chase AI
  • A basic HUD (heads up display)





Author: jeffreyjene

Magician, artist, actor, entertainer, programmer.

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