Angel’s Terrace: Added New Alphabets

I’ve added several new magickal alphabets to the site, including:

Alphabet of the Magi
Angelic Script
Persian Cuneiform

For some reason Angelic font won’t show up on mobile (at least not Mobile Chrome), so look at it on a desktop for now. I may switch the pages to images instead of embedded fonts. There is also a font available for download for each on the pages. Have fun!


Angel’s Terrace Reopened

I am pleased to announce that I have reopened¬† Angel’s Terrace Metaphysical Resources website. The work on several new sections has already begun as well as updating of old features. I hope to add to this on a regular basis, and I welcome any comments or suggestions for content. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and it is heavily under construction. I’ll post here when new content is up.