Life and Limb: Devlog

I’ve decided to start a development log here for my Life and Limb game. I’m looking forward to seeing how this grows over the winter.

Life and Limb is a simple 3D top-down exploration game. You control Dr. Tim Burke on his quest to find ancient artifacts in tombs around the world to add to his private museum. The tombs and temples he visits are loaded with a variety of traps, creatures, and perhaps a curse or two!

The graphics are low poly models created by me in blender. I’m planning on using both motion capture and manual animation in Blender for the characters and objects. The engine is Unity 3D. The target platform is web for casual gamers. I’ve already put up a very small demo of the game engine as it stands which is available here: Life and Limb Demo. I will be putting all other builds here until I release the final build. I don’t intend to charge for this project. All art and assets are mine unless otherwise specified.

*Note: The controls are W, S, A, D keys to move, space bar to jump, and mouse to move the camera.

Completed so far:

  • Basic demo level with first models
  • Movement engine (Modified Character Movement Fundamentals sold on the Unity Asset store, developers check it out!)
  • Dialogue/cutscene module with subtitles

Here is the logo/splash:


On the TODO:

  • Skip cutscenes with ESC key
  • Typewriter effect for the dialogue
  • Turn to face object during cutscene
  • “Use” animation?
  • “Talk” animation?

Coming next:

  • Health System
  • Traps
  • Waypoints
  • Enemies and AI
  • Weapons and Combat
  • Collectables and Scoring
  • HUD
  • Titles and Menus
  • Level Design/Quests
  • Bosses

I hope you enjoy following this devlog. Feel free to let me know what you think.


Author: jeffreyjene

Magician, artist, actor, entertainer, programmer.

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