Life and Limb Devlog 12/15/2019

Another DEV build of the test level! Here:

I have re-written a great deal of the dialogue and combat engines. The Dialogue cutscenes may now be skipped using ESCAPE. The combat system now uses sphere-casting instead of trigger collider detection that was causing issues with other systems. I inserted my newly rigged skeleton model (done in Blender) for testing combat. The waypoint system has been improved to include “AreaSave” components that save the state of all objects in an area and restore all states of objects ahead of the waypoint once the player dies. Also created a number of shared C# components to save later coding. Next on the list:

  • HUD
  • Projectile weapons (creatures and player)
  • Inventory system
  • Quest system
  • Collectibles/scoring



Author: jeffreyjene

Magician, artist, actor, entertainer, programmer.

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